Heroes Arena logoThe game is basically a MONA-styled, turn-based, 3 dimensional tactical games that includes two groups of heroes who need to face each other as dominated by series of towers. This game is available free to play on PC, Mac, and iPad devices. The battle takes place between 4 teams each having 4 members in the team. Hence there are 4v4 matches and unlike other MOBAs which is developed by uCOOL. It is true to its genre, turn-based with two groups of legendary heroes who get limited number of actions to try wearing the skin of their favorite character to become a hero and fight with their opponent in a tower dominated setting. Heroes Arena is thus the latest and finest global multiplayer online combat arena game that is designed specifically for mobile users who focus on live e- sports to have fun and lag-free time, there are no waiting lines, only fast and efficient matchmaking! As each hero is controlled by a player, enjoy massive PVP action with various versions and other multiplayer battle modes that are available for players to fight in the battle to climb positions to earn magnificence and overwhelming prizes!

How to play this Game on PC and Mac?

Install Heroes Arena for PC


logo bluestacksPlay this multiplayer, turn-based tactics game with Android latest APK 2.1.28. Download and Install it on your favorite device to leverage lag free global 5v5 mobile gaming experience. This android version is very fast, fair and offers fun! Team up with your friends to fight for Glory! Get into the battlefield with a team of 4 Heroes to defeat your opponents who are monsters with different set of skills to defeat your enemy and kill the minions, destroy topple Sentry towers that are opponent’s Power Core! Choose the character of your favorite hero to unlock new and better skills to strengthen your attacks and defenses needed to customize with available skins! This game is thus absolutely free to download on any Windows PC and Mac device if downloaded BlueStack.

Step by Step Guide to Download and Install BlueStacks to Play this Game

  1. The user needs to choose the one to Download, Install and Run the Emulator.
  2. Next in single set up time install the game APK direct from Google Play Store.
    Install Heroes Arena on PC with Bluestacks
  3. Once successfully installed, launch and play the game from the App Library!

Heroes Arena for PC setup

Here are few Tips and Tricks to stream this amazing game on PC:
Welcome to the world of multiplayer online battle arena where worlds collide between mecha and magic. Suppose if you are a new player who is willing to play this game of Arena then take the form of hero who is more interesting to you. Use the character skills and abilities to fight as hero and win this classic MOBA game.

  1. Try to play the role of different heroes every time but if you’re looking to become a serious Hero of this classic MOBA game then the player need to take easy at first attempt and then focus on one or two heroes per role. Play the role of your favorite heroes that are available with over 30+ shades each having their own skills who when added in the team benefit the whole team to carry the game forward. It thus the most portable MOBA game that features up to 3 skills + 1 ultimate and passive needed to bring more carnage into the battlefield that consists of 2 player games which are unblocked.
  2. Get familiar about the role of heroes to combat the fight using your skills and tools of the chosen character. Play clearer shots to act as Hero and defeat your opponents. Try playing this game with different character every time you wish to play this game.
  3. Stay in touch with Runes as they are highly beneficial to empower heroes, as there is rune in every stat of the game. Access the game automatically that is build just for you to offer better gaming experience that is loaded with lots of PVP action.

If you’re an avid fan of MOBA games, then add this game to your library list! Get some free time to download and play the role of Best Hero on your PC for free!

Tips to access Bluestacks to Stream this Play on your PC

Heroes Arena for PC & Mac
Till now over 300+ users from worldwide had accessed this amazing android gaming platform which is not an Android Emulator but is pioneer of mobile gaming and offers the players gain fastest gaming experience. Due to this reason BlueStack is also known as flagship mobile android gaming platform that allows the players to access keymapping that helps players to have full control on their keyboard, mouse or gamepad to take part competitively.

Leverage the software of this android gaming platform to find your game app using your google account and install it best on your computer. It is a known fact that playing the game on a PC or MAC is more enjoyable as these devices offer better control and higher rate of performance than a mobile phone.

While playing the game the player can dominate as a solo player or team up to build his team with other 4 players to become best of Arena and fight against their opposite team that consists of 5 players in the action packed series such as 5v5 competition. Their main objective is to destroy the enemy’s nexus before they attempt an attack on them only.

Why choose Bluestacks to play Heroes Arena oc PC and Mac?


BlueStacks in an American Technology Company that is ready to play once the download is successfully completed. It allows the players to play all the android games in library to attain best mobile gaming experience when playing on PC. This technology also allows the players to turn their gameplay into attractive rewards and win real prizes! Take participation in quiz programs conducted regarding the gameplay. Once you complete the task, earn the BlueStack points which you can redeem at the end of the game direct from BlueStack store.

Step by Step Guide to download Heroes Arena for Android and iOS

Logo androidThis game was developed by uCOOL Company that is specially designed for Android and iOS platform to help users gain lag free experience with multiple gaming modes such as 1v1, 3v3, 5v5. Enjoy playing this PVP action game with your skills and abilities. Build your team with right items that are part of the game who put their best efforts to win all combats. Try to unlock new skills to strengthen your attacks and defenses that help to destroy your opponent when you are on hunt and meet with the monsters and minions. In that way your thrill will never end.

To enjoy playing this game first download the APKPure App that is 8.9MB on chosen device. Download the 2.1.28 apk Android version that is free and allows the player to enjoy fastest gaming experience and fight for glory! Get the iOS app direct from Google Play Store that are safe to download and install on your chosen device.

Logo iosGive your Hero a unique look from the available multiple skins to play the game lag free that offer cutting edge to lead the competition. Communicate effectively with your team mates to spice up your game and gain social battling experience to fight against monsters and apply your strategies to defeat your opponent that helps you win the game to climb ranking and win your glory with awesome prizes!

How is BlueStack compatible for other OS to stream this Game?

BlueStack is very much compatible for other OS because though it is not an Android Emulator it is opted by millions of users worldwide as best android gaming platform that is free to download and install on any android PC, Mac and iOS device. Apart from BlueStack you can also try the new Remix OS 2.0 or AndyOS to run this game on your favorite PC.

BlueStack alternatives to Stream this Game

There are few alternatives to BlueStack which are lightweight and allow the player access Android emulators that are free, easy to download and user friendly. The top five alternatives to BlueStack are Andy, Genymotion, KoPlayer, MEmu Play, and Remix OS Player. All these android emulators are available for numerous Android operating system.


  1. Why Play this Heroes Arena Game?
    Spend some quality time to play this globally accessed multiplayer online battle arena game that is specifically designed for mobile gaming enthusiasts, that primarily focuses on fair gaming sports, to attain fun and enjoy lag-free! Let your hands experience the massive PVP action that is available with different modes to customize your play by entering into the battlefield, to defeat your opponent. Climb the rankings to earn glory and win attractive prizes!
  2. How is BlueStack beneficial to play this game?
    Well it is known fact universally that BlueStack is not an Android Emulator but it acts as best android gaming platform to access mobile gaming. Developed by uCOOL this game is free to download and stream via BlueStack various apps which are easy to download and install on any PC, Mac and iOS. This gaming platform offers best opportunities to the players to turn the gameplay into attractive cash prizes. Take part in the quiz to answer the questions regarding the gameplay and earn BlueStack points which you can redeem through the BlueStack Store.
  3. Site few alternatives that offer best mobile gaming experience than BlueStack?
    Well as said earlier there are many mobile gaming sites with offer latest version and apks to best stream the play worldwide. Download and install them on your favorite device and enter into the field of battle to protect yourself from the monsters and minions which can attack on you. Transform your identity into the form of best hero that are available in more than 30+ styles all having new skills that lift your character to play as hero and gives courage to co players to use the skills and best strategies that help you win the game with effective team coordination or spirit.
  4. How is this game compatible to play on PC with BlueStack?
    There are more than 300+ users worldwide who love to play android games who accessed this best android gaming platform which is not actually an android emulator. It allows players to stay connected with the players spread all across the globe. Build your team and strengthen their skills and abilities to best stream the game on any platforms of Windows such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, and Mac OS that are just fingers away to stream the play lag free.
  5. Why is this game so popular?
    It is a fair gameplay in arena that allows the players to enter into the world of heroes that offers fast paced fun and is one of the most popular and best global multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA) that is designed specially to play mobile android featured games that are turn based, where each hero is limited to number of actions to take his or her turn. Enter into the battlefield to first attack on monsters and minions who can otherwise hit you when moving forward to hunt them.
    It allows you to play 6 roles of heroes straddling across various classes. Every hero of this game is tailored according to your favorite which you feel like suits to you. Wear the skin of heroes to protect your teammates as a Tank like the Warrior of Light, or the Titan Warlord or the Tyrant.

Play this game to beat down your opponents in the front row as a star skilled footballer named Kors, or the unknown dragon object who is only known as Obsidious, or the lovely swordsman best known as gunner
Shoot down your enemies from a distance wearing the skin of characters that have special skills and abilities that allows the players to best support and unleash their stunning skills to show team work spirit and explore the 3D MOBA classic map to defeat your enemy in the battlefield that is dominated by series of towers choosing the 1v1, 3v3 or 5v5 game modes.